We’ve laid out our pre-mint roadmap here. As we get closer to Mint Day, we’ll reveal our post-mint roadmap. You can expect excruciating detail; with specific, measurable milestones. Transparency and communication are pillars of how we do business. Expert to hear from us often.


Demonica will be available to mint shortly (Dates TBA). After mint, you’ll find our collection on OpenSea.io, Looksrare.org and other reputable NFT marketplaces. There will eventually be a fully native marketplace for Demonica NFTs, tokens, and other tradeable ingame assets. Full details will come in our roadmap


This is a big one. We can confirm a few things:

#1 — There will be no dutch auction. This isn’t a cash grab project. We win when you win.

#2 — We aim to make this the most accessible high value project you see this year.

#3 — Minting guarantees you receive MORE than one NFT — with additional drops at mint, and in scheduled FREE drops very shortly after initial mint.

We’re about value frens, not hype.

To that end — 1 Mint = 0.05ETH

Expect more details as we get closer to mint.


Our mint date hasn’t been announced yet. You can expect it to drop within April. Keep an eye out in our Discord and Twitter (turn on notis) to keep updated.


We’re not ready to announce this yet, but we’re cognizant of two key factors:

#1 — Preserving scarcity and long term value for our community.

#2 — Making the game and community as accessible as possible.

We’ll tell you how we’re threading that needle as we get closer to mint.


If you get into the Discord, you’ll currently get OG status automatically. When OG fills up, we’ll be issuing VIP spots. We’re not going to gamify engagement.

Either we’re putting out dope work and building a great community, or we’re not. Your genuine enthusiasm drives us. We love the non-incentivized feedback we’re getting.

And if you’re not in the Discord yet?

Turn on Twitter notis to see invite links as soon as they drop.

Full benefits of OG and VIP status have not been announced yet.

Expect more details as we get closer to mint. But to answer probably the #1 question we’ve received so far — here’s how those roles work for Whitelist access.


Full details will be announced later, with the Alpha and Beta game white papers. But because we don’t want to leave you completely in the dark, let’s talk design philosophy.

Up until now, P2E games have been — for the most part — staking with pretty pictures. Even Wolf Game (which we’re fans of) is currently staking with risk and pretty pictures.

Staking just means deferring use. There’s value in that for our holders. It keeps supply off the market and provides a foundation for NFT values in the medium term.

But, staking isn’t fun.

And we believe P2E should be fun.

Not Stake2E and not Grind2E, but Fun2E and Create2E.

Will there be staking in the world of Demonica? You can safely assume the answer is yes. But it is not and will not be the core of our big picture tokenomics.

We want you to generate value from playing and creating in the game.

More details to come soon.


Yes it is. We’re developing this with playability as our core objective. You shouldn’t expect a AAA title, especially off the bat. But we’ll have real gameplay loops. We’ll have beautiful in game graphics. We expect to be category defining in the P2E space in terms of fun.

And, our Alpha game will be available to play shortly after mint.


Full details on the game engine we’re using etc will be revealed closer to our mint day. What we can reveal now is that Demonica NFTs will live on the Ethereum blockchain. The game itself will take place on the Polygon chain to minimize transaction costs and maximize gameplay


We draw inspiration from all over pop culture. Immersive old school MMORPGs like Ultima Online, with emergent gameplay. Roguelike RPGs like Hades. Board games like Zombicide. The works of HP Lovecraft and Neil Gaiman. Film noir — especially French and Japanese Noir. The neon landscape of Tokyo at night. Blade runner. Cyberpunk in general. Anime/Manga like Bleach, Attack on Titan, Demon Slayer and Death Note. The dark comedy of game franchises like Fallout or Disco Elysium. How does all that come together?

You’ll find out soon.


This Discord server is your first point of contact. It’s the heart of our community — from our OGs and VIPs to newer members — all building and vibing together.

Right now it’s locked. Turn on Twitter notis to see invite links as soon as they drop. You can also follow the official Twitter account to get important updates: here.